Business visa or GTI visa is the best way to Australia

At the age of information and knowledge make fortunes, a lot of business people are also academic elite. Their way of migration to Australia is not limited to just business visas. Sometimes, GTI subclass 124 visa is a better choice.

We have met one of these kinds of clients recently. He is an expert on veterinary science and also running a technology company in this field in China. Like most of the other clients, he wants to see the permanent visa result as soon as possible.  While it takes a very long time to process a business visa, e.g. 188 or 132 visa normally takes more than 18 months to process, the GTI visa is processed with first priority. We see a lot of GTI visas be granted within 3 months from the date we submitted. However, there is one obvious obstacle in this case. Although the client achieved great success in China, he is nobody in Australia. Nobody knows him, even in the same veterinary science field. GTI visas do need someone in Australia to endorse you as an elite in the industry and fill the form 1000 to support your application.

The client tried to contact some of his friends in Australia. Sadly his friends are unwilling or unable to support his application for some reason. When the client is about to give up the GTI plan, we provide him with additional assistance in sourcing the expert in his field to support this application.  We immediately searched the expert of his field, i.e. veterinary science , in our database. We contacted the senior lecturer Ms. Victoria in Charles Sturt University. She is also the editor of academic journals such as PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases and Australian Veterinary Journal and Frontiers in Veterinary Science and ex-president of Australian and new zealand college of veterinary scientists. After reviewing his application, she agreed to nominate him immediately. She believes the client’s profile is outstanding and could meet the GTI criteria. After we told the client that we have found a Veterinary Scientist in Australia to support his application. He is very happy abelit with some concerns. As the GTI invitation is issued based on the client’s profile and supporting documents. The stronger profile with more supporting experts in the same field stands a better chance. He would like us to find some more experts in Veterinary Science to assess his case. 

So we found a former Chief Veterinary officer in WA and former Dean of Veterinary science in Murdoch University, Professor John Edwards. As he had been working with the UN food and agriculture organization China office, he has a good understanding of the situation of the Veterinary Science industry in China. He provided us with an unreserved support letter for this visa. In the meantime, we contacted Professor Cowled at the University of Sydney. He also endorsed the form 1000 and nominated my client to apply for the GTI visa. 

After we received three endorsements on form 1000 from three independent Veterinary  Science experts, we received an invitation to apply for the GTI visa within one month after we lodged the express of interest, and submitted the GTI subclass 124 visa straight afterwards.