what we learn from pandemic to explore loophole of migration law

One of the most vicious viruses in history is smallpox. Smallpox virus is stronger and dangerous than many other viruses including corona virus we are facing today. It is an extraordinary virus which has both a high infectious rate and fatality rate and could cause terrible pandemic. But so far it is the only virus human can claim the complete victory against. The loophole of smallpox virus is from cowpox. Cowpox is closely related to smallpox but much weaker and will not cause much damage on the human body. Through the past experience we find once you get the cowpox virus, smallpox can not touch you anymore.

This story enlightened me to look for loopholes in migration law, especially in the area of state sponsorship visa. I believe the loophole could be within the term “closely related”. Closely related experience or closely related occupation all worth further exploring by us.

Here is what I find.

The accountant is closely related finance manager occupation. If you can get a full skills assessment as accountant, you would be able to get the full skills assessment as finance manager too. While the accountant is not currently available except through talent and innovators programs, the finance manager could still be used and still with all waivers and exemptions we want. So if a client is an accountant, we may do another skills assessment for him as finance manager and use the advantageous requirements to advance the case and get the invitation as finance manager.

The occupation of teachers is closely related with the occupation of private tutors. They both come with the same ANZSCO code started with group 24. While a teacher’s working experience is hard to acquire, working as a private tutor is a totally different story. There are a lot of private tutoring companies out there. We may suggest another direction for our client to look for a suitable employment and get nomination from SA government accordingly.

The occupation of  the social worker is closely related to that of community workers. While the social worker’s skills assessment body AASW requires IELTS, Community worker’s skills assessment body ACWA does not. ACWA could waive your English requirements if you completed a degree course in Australia. If a client completed a social worker degree and struggled to get the IELTS required for AASW skills assessment, we may suggest him to try ACWA. In fact, the occupation of community workers has more pros than social workers. If your GPA is between 5 and 6, you may be offered a 190 invitation under community worker while a social worker could be offered an 491 invitation only.